Cookies policy

We use cookies on this website. Unless you deactivate the use of cookies on your browser, you automatically consent to their installation.

  • What are cookies?

    Cookies are fragments of text information that websites transfer to the hard disc of computers connecting to them, and are mostly used for technical purposes.

  • What do we use cookies for?

    To offer the services requested by our users. We use cookies for technical purposes or those needed in order to offer services requested by our users, such as allowing the system to store information provided during the process of registering or contracting.

    To optimise your browsing experience and improve the quality of our website.

    We use cookies to optimise browsing on our website. They recognise our visitors and users, storing the settings that they choose when browsing so that we can remember their approved status and the language chosen for use when they first viewed the site.

    We also use cookies to compile anonimous and aggregated stadistics which allow us to analyse how users use our website so that we improve and adapt it to their preferences. We use the tool Google Analytics provided by the US based company Google, Inc. for this statistical analysis. For further information regarding the function of the Google Analytics tool, users can check their privacy policy at the following link:

  • What sort of information do we obtain?

    The following information is obtained about visitors to our website:

    • The domain name of the provider (ISP) and/or IP address which gives them access to the site. For example, users from xxx provider will only be identified with the domain and/or the IP address. In this way we can compile statistics about countries and servers who frequently visit ourwebsite.
    • The date and time of access to our website. This enables us to determine the times of most affluence, and take appopriate action to avoid saturation problems at peak times.
    • The internet address from where the link was sent to our website. This helps us evaluate the effectiveness of the various banners and links aimed at our server, so that we can boost those which offer the best results.
    • The number of daily visitors to each section. This allows us to identify the most popular areas and then boost and improve their content to ensure enhanced user experience.

    Although in principal the information obtained is completely anonymous in compliance with Report 327/2003 of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, users are hereby informed that this aforementioned data shall be incorporated to personal data files belonging to the website for the purposes mentioned earlier. Users can exercise the right to access, rectify or delete their personal information, as well as oppose its processing, as detailed in our website’s privacy policy.

  • How can I manage cookies?

    You have the right to disable the use of cookies or to be informed regarding their enablement through your browser’s configuration setup.However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to use or enjoy all the functions available on the website.

    Users can disable the Google Analytics tool by installing Google’s Browser Opt-out Add-on, which can be found here: