How do we prepare our vehicles for the coronavirus?

The global coronavirus pandemic has seriously affected life as we know it. Confinement, full hospitals, and numerous deaths have managed to change our way of life. Now we sanitize everything from the shoes to the shopping bag. But how do we prepare the car for the coronavirus? Here are some tips to safely disinfect your car whenever you need to.

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How to disinfect your car?

Organizations related to the world of health recommend frequent disinfecting the surfaces we touch frequently, including the surface of the vehicle. The steering wheel, the brake, the doors, the seat belt, the radio … must be cleaned daily. But how do you have to disinfect a car?

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the ideal is to use diluted bleach. The mixture consists of 20 ml of bleach with 980 ml of water, or its equivalent, for example, 10 ml of bleach with 490 ml of water. It will depend on the amount you need to keep your car clean and disinfected. Mixing bleach and water should be done on the same day of use. It is not possible to use it from one day to the next.

If you don’t have bleach at home, you can also use regular rubbing alcohol to disinfect your vehicle. In this case, the mixture would be 70 ml of alcohol with 30 ml of water.

What car accessories do we need to clean daily?

Some areas are more liable, so it is necessary to clean them more frequently.

  • Car mat: it’s important to clean them frequently as much of the dirt accumulates. It’s recommended to use the scrub brush before the disinfectant product.
  • Dashboard: it is advisable to clean often, as it tends to attract a lot of dirt and dust. Before finishing, it is convenient to apply a disinfectant liquid.
  • Vents: To prevent clogging, they need to be cleaned often.
  • Windows: being in contact with the outside, it is advisable to clean them often. First, you have to disinfect them and then wipe them with a glass cleaner.

It is important to note that both steel and plastic are surfaces where the coronavirus can live longer. That is why it is advisable to clean and disinfect it frequently. It should be taken into account that they are two materials that are very present in cars, so maintaining the hygiene of the vehicle is essential to guarantee health.

Similarly, at gas stations and service stations, extreme precautions must be taken, since the pumps are places with numerous bacteria and viruses. It is essential to use disposable gloves and dispose of them with caution before returning to the car, and pay by card to avoid more contact.

Also, remember to use disinfectant hand gel to ensure maximum safety and protect both yourself and your family. The use of the mask is mandatory in all establishments and while you are on the street. Do not forget to always carry a mask that really protects you from the coronavirus.