Is it possible to enjoy Menorca without going to the beach?

When we think of taking a trip to Menorca, the impressive beaches and coves of the island come to mind. The temperature in Menorca is usually mild throughout the year, so you will have no problem enjoying the wonderful beaches all year round. However, the island of Menorca is not just that. In it we find hundreds of places and activities to do at any time of the year.

In low season you can tour the island at your own pace, without pressure, and without crowds. In July and August, the city is usually overcrowded by tourism, so traveling out of season allows you to enjoy the island in a more personal way. If you really want to enjoy the island on your own path, choosing the best Car Hire company in Menorca will be your first important decision about your holidays.

Here are some ideas to enjoy Menorca outside the beaches.

Caní de Cavalls, an unforgettable trekking route

The camí de cavalls is a 185km historical trail that goes all the way around the island of Menorca along its coastline. It runs through ravines, wetlands, and cultivation areas and connects the old watchtowers, lighthouses, and trenches.

There is no specific beginning and end since the camí de cavalls is offered to us in stages, with ourselves choosing the intensity and the route, although it is recommended to do the stages from east to west. It is best to inform yourself and choose the stage that best suits your physical shape.

Gastronomy in Menorca

Eating is one of the great pleasures of a human being. That is why it is one of the most recommended activities in Menorca. The variety of recipes that we find on the island means that we can organize a gastronomic route through the most emblematic places in the city. You’ll love it.

A cultural visit to Mahon

The island’s capital and second-largest natural harbor in the world, after Pearl Harbor. The maximum depth ranges over 48km and the minimum is 15km. It was the first British shipyard outside its borders.

What are the most interesting visits to Mahon?

  • La Mola fortress: at the mouth of the port.
  • Menorca Museum: located in an old convent, it displays objects from the prehistoric period that are very abundant on the island.
  • The Town Hall: in it, we find the clock brought by the English Governor Richard Kane.
  • Bastion of Sant Roc: a remnant of the main gate of the wall that surrounded the city.
  • Church of Santa María: with its 19th-century organ with 4 keyboards and 3,120 pipes, where the International Organ Festival is held.

Ciutadella, another city you must visit

The Port of Ciutadella is one of the must-sees and one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, including inside and outside Spain. It is a small fishing, commercial and sports port with a lot of charm, hence its visit is mandatory.

The Castillo de San Nicolás, the Cathedral of Menorca, the Plaza Es Born, or the old city are some of the points that we recommend you visit and know.