Menorca Itinerary: a week’s car hire from the airport in Menorca

Menorca is, Spain’s UNESCO biosphere reserve, among the best places to spend a vacation in the world. It has lots of untouched habitats. Some of the most popular destinations in the area are the Mola Fortress and Cala Galdana. The island is known for its majestic beaches, excellent seafood, and locally produced gin. The best way to explore the island is with a Menorca car hire. This will allow you to move freely around the place and stop whenever you see something interesting. If you’re planning a visit to Menorca, you should go through this guide.

Guide to Menorca: What to do a week in Menorca

If you stay on the island for seven days, it would be wise to plan your itinerary carefully. So, what to do in a week in Menorca?

Day 1- Visit Cavalleria Beach

Cavalleria Beach is a favourite for tourists and locals in Menorca. It is very close to the most notable lighthouse on the island: the Cala Cavallería lighthouse. This lighthouse is visible from all corners of the island and is a must-see for anyone visiting the place. It is also a great place to watch the sunset. The beach is especially pleasant during the summer.

Getting to Cavalleria Beach is quite simple. You will only need half an hour to drive from Mahon to the beach, and you will have ample space to park the vehicle. You won’t be required to pay any parking fees. It is worth noting that public transport no longer reaches this beach, so you will need to hire a vehicle.

To avoid destroying the natural environment, follow the marked paths as you walk along the beach. If you want to have a drink, you can go to the bar in the lighthouse. You can also go for a little party at the Cova d’en Xoroi. If there aren’t strong winds, you can go snorkeling in the water. The waves can be quite large in winter, making the beach great for surfing.

Day 2- Enjoy Seafood at Ciutadella

Since you only have a week in Menorca, you should quickly move on to Ciutadella on the second day. This place used to be the ancient capital of Menorca, so you can expect to find many ancient buildings and structures. You will find many seafood restaurants in the sheltered inland of Port de Ciutadella. These are great places to promenade and dine. You should also visit the two lovely 19th-century pallazos.

Day 3- Take Photos at Cala Escorxada Beach

This is a haven of peace in the southern region of the island. The beach has crystal clear waters and is among the most remote parts of Menorca. You may find it challenging to access, but visiting the beach is a must-do activity. As a remote beach, it has a virgin and untouched environment. Make sure you take pictures of the idyllic Balearic and Mediterranean landscapes.

Day 4- Take a Walk on the Grassy Paths of Naveta des Tudons

With one week in Menorca, you will have ample time to walk along the grassy paths of Naveta des Tudons. This is the site of one of Menorca’s oldest monuments, a burial chamber built by the ancient Talayotic community. It dates back to around 1000 BC. Lots of other ancient sites exist in this place, and the stone structures have been undisturbed for many centuries.

Day 5- Swim at Cala en Turqueta

As you close to completing seven days in Menorca, you should explore Cala en Turqueta. This is among the most sought-after beaches for swimmers on the island. You can also take a boat ride through the Southern Virgin Coves. The weather in Menorca is usually friendly, but you should still check the forecasts before starting the trip. July and August are considered the best months to visit the beach.

Day 6- Kayak at Arenal d’en Moro

This is a small but spectacular beach in Menorca. You won’t find any buildings on this beach, so it can be a great place to enjoy nature. Another great thing about this beach is that it doesn’t have a ton of sunbathers. The place is quite pleasant unless there are strong North winds.

Day 7- Enjoy Spectacular Views at Cala Presili

You can complete your one-week itinerary in Menorca by visiting Cala Presili. This place has the beautiful Faro Favaritz as a backdrop. This is a great place for hiking and cycling. You should pack a meal and some drinks when visiting the island since there aren’t any services in this part of Menorca.

A week in Menorca in June

June marks the start of summer in Menorca, and this is the best time to visit the island. Although the island is quite large, you can still see a lot in one week in Menorca. The place has many beach resorts where you can spend the holiday. These include Cala Galdana, Cala en Blanes, and Punta Prima.

To enjoy city life during your summer trip, consider staying in Ciutadella or Mahon. These are the two main towns on the island. Carrying cash around the island would be wise, as many places don’t accept cards. Also, remember that the currency used on the island is the Euro.

Summer in Menorca ends in September, so people who prefer warm weather can plan their trip until this month.

Menorca in two weeks

Touring Menorca in two weeks can be a great experience. You will have sufficient time to explore all the major attractions of the island. Since you have two weeks, you should plan your Menorca itinerary to include ancient ruins, cultural places, and the most beautiful beaches. You should also visit the most famous seafood restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine.

A week’s car hire from the airport in Menorca

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