What to Do in Menorca?

The Spanish Island of Menorca, situated in the Mediterranean, is a stunning paradise despite its modest size. Beach vacations may be the most well-known attraction, but this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve also has charming historic cities, untamed nature preserves, and quiet fishing villages that are well worth exploring.

Menorca offers a diverse range of activities, ranging from sunbathing in vineyards bathed in golden light to swimming in coves surrounded by turquoise water. Learn the ins and outs of getting about Menorca and which must-see things you shouldn’t miss with our helpful travel guide.

There is much to see and do in this peaceful part of the Balearic, making it a popular holiday area. Mahon, the island’s capital, and Ciutadella, an old city on the western side of the island, are the two major cities of Menorca. They serve as excellent jumping-off locations for exploration of the island’s rich history and customs.

Beautiful white sand beaches, winding trails down the coast, and historic ruins with live music are just a few of Menorca’s many attractions. Climb Monte Toro for a bird’s-eye view of the area or hike the Cami de Cavalls to observe some lighthouses. Car hire Menorca is a great way to go about the island and see sights like Binibeca Vell and the beaches of Cala Macarelleta and Cala Algaiarens.

Thrill seekers and fitness enthusiasts can also partake in outdoor sports on the island, such as horseback riding, scuba diving, sailing, paddle boarding, and cycling.

What to Do During My Stay in Menorca?

Menorca is a holiday spot that is breathtakingly beautiful and suitable for all types of parties and families. You won’t want to miss out on some of the best things that Menorca has to offer, such as;

  • Having a drink at the cliff and cave bar while watching the sun go down
  • Indulging in delicious seafood dishes at Café Balear
  • Travelling back in time more than 3000 years by visiting Naveta d’es Tudons and seeing the megalithic chamber tombs
  • Enjoying a pleasant stroll around Binibeca, a beautiful and historically significant fishing community
  • Exploring the old cliff caves while kayaking the pristine waters of Es Grau
  • Sailing down the coast of Menorca and exploring the stunning scenery of the islands
  • Visiting Monte Toro for a bird’s-eye view of Menorca and a chance to take some of the greatest aerial photographs on the island
  • Exploring the Menorcan vineyards and discover more about the region’s rich winemaking history
  • Visiting Ciutadella, Menorca’s historic city, to sample some of the island’s finest locally owned eateries and boutiques

What to Do in Menorca with the Family?

Because of its relative tranquillity compared to neighbouring Mallorca and Ibiza and its abundance of sandy beaches and relatively shallow water, Menorca is a popular destination for family vacations. The island is packed with fun things to do, from relaxing on the beautiful beaches to exploring the island’s many kid-friendly hotels.

Going to the beach is the most obvious, inexpensive, and easy thing to do with your kids. Many of the stunning white sand beaches here are suitable for families with young children. Several great beaches on the island are ideal for families, including Calan Porter, Son Bou, Binibeca, and Es Grau.

Another great place to take your family is Lloc de Menorca zoo, just a 10-minute drive from Mahon city. Local Menorcan animals coexist with exotic reptiles and birds from around the world in this small zoo.

A trip over the countryside in an open-top 4×4 may appeal to your more daring children aged six and above. Explore old ruins, forests, and hills on bumpy dirt roads, or stop at a remote beach for a swim and a picnic.

When visiting Cala’n Bosch, take the kids to Aquarock Waterpark, an attraction guaranteed to make the whole family happy. There are water slides, a large pool with a wave machine, a splash pool with water jets and smaller slides for younger kids, and a whirlpool for parents to relax. Taking a boat tour of Menorca is a must, especially if you plan to bring swimming and snorkelling-obsessed children with you.

Because travelling with kids requires a means of transport that can comfortably accommodate everyone and take you even to the remotest parts of the island, the most suitable way to enjoy what the island has to offer is by hiring a car. The best car hire company in Menorca that can accommodate all your requirements stress-free is Poppycars. At Poppycars, all our vehicle rentals come with complimentary kid safety seats. For larger groups, we also offer 7- and 9-seat vehicles.

What to Do in Menorca at Night?

Like its neighbouring islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, Menorca has a vibrant nightlife. Menorca is, however, different from its neighbouring islands in that it has more low-key entertainment options.

The Menorcan night is a pleasure for nightlife enthusiasts, with bars, cafés, and outdoor entertainment venues spread around the island. From Mahón to Ciutadella, and even out to towns like Binibeca and Fornells, there are places to let loose with friends or a special someone.

Beautiful views and a bustling atmosphere await you in Cova d’en Xoroi after dark. The Jazzbah in Ciutadella often presents themed celebrations. Events with a floral theme are often promoted at this bar. It’s also a nightclub and bar, so you can dance the night away while sipping drinks and snacking on tapas.

If you want to experience Menorcan shishas, visit Shisha Club. Indulge in the high-class atmosphere of this bar and have a few drinks while listening to some relaxing music and snacking on some tasty appetisers. While in Menorca, you may watch a movie in Ciutadella or Mahón, have a burger at Paput Burgers and Cocktails, dance till dawn at Mambo Deluxe, or catch a concert at Sa Terrassa des Claustre.

What to Do in Menorca When It Rains?

Most visitors to Menorca usually come in summer, when the weather is nice, the sun shines, and the beaches are quite crowded.

Whether you are in Menorca in summer and there is bad weather or in a colder season (Autumn and Winter), here is a good list of plans you can make with bad weather or even if it’s raining.

  • Check out a Mahón cheese farm in Menorca to sample the island’s most famous culinary export.
  • Proceed to Es Mercadal’s Craftsmen’s Center. In this shop, you may buy one-of-a-kind souvenirs while watching a film on the traditional crafts of Menorca.
  • Go shopping at the historic Fish Market in Mahón and the Claustro del Carmen Market, both covered marketplaces, so you won’t have to worry about getting wet as you shop or enjoy your tapas.
  • Visit the Museum of Menorca, housed in a baroque cloister dating back to the 16th century, and spend the day perusing the collection of more than 250,000 exhibits.
  • Check out where the legendary Xoriguer gin is distilled. Learn about the handcrafted production process and where the flavouring berries are sourced from. Conclude with a gin tasting while gazing at the Mahón harbour.
  • Visit one of the Menorcan nobility’s magnificent homes, such as the Olivar Palace, as you pay a visit to the Cathedral of Ciutadella, open to the public during the high season.
  • Visit the Palace of Ca’n Oliver, a late-18th-century manor home turned art and historical museum.

What to Do in Menorca in January?

January is the coldest and wettest month in Menorca. As the temperatures are milder and there are fewer tourists in Menorca in January, this is a great time to visit the island. During this month, you can visit the island’s old capital of Ciutadella, the strange and picturesque sandstone quarry of Ses Pedreres de s’Hostal, a gin distillery, or a shoe store.

What to Do in Menorca in February?

In February, the island is deep in the grip of Winter. Although it is still the off-season, there are many activities on the island during February. These include: cycling on the island’s gently rolling hills, rocking up to some megalithic sites, circumnavigating the island via trails that run the entire circumference of Menorca, and climbing (or driving up) Mount Toro for a panoramic view of the island.

What to Do in Menorca in March?

With the weather improving, this is a great time of year to rent a vehicle and drive around the island of Menorca, taking in the beautiful landscape and abundant animals. For the most part, outdoor pools are unsuitable for swimming at this time of year, and guests are best served by finding a heated or indoor option.

What to Do in Menorca in April?

If you want to visit Menorca but don’t want to experience the island’s sweltering heat wave, April is an excellent month to go. Temperatures often reach their average of 20-22 °C. Walking and cycling about the island at this time of year allows you to take in the numerous breathtaking sights without worrying about the weather. You can also attend springtime events such as the Jazz Festival and

What to Do in Menorca in May?

In May, many hotels and resorts open their doors to the public. You may still enjoy the spring colours and annual flower festivals in Menorca without braving the mid-30s heat of the high season. May is the month when many islands organise festivals celebrating food and music. You may also go on an adventure in the springtime on one of the many off-road bicycle trails.

May is full of flower-themed celebrations and cultural activities in Menorca’s major cities, including Ciutadella, Mahon, and others. The duration of each event is just a few days, and they never happen simultaneously. Unique and interesting; it’s well worth your time to check out.

What to Do in Menorca in June?

The Sant Joan summer Fiesta in Ciutadella kicks off the month of June with carnivals, live music, and horse-riding performances in all of the surrounding towns. In June, equestrians go to Ciutadella for the Fiesta de Sant Joan, while Mahon has an international Jazz Festival and opera season that brings in visitors from all across Europe. Travel to the island in June for all of the best celebrations.

What to Do in Menorca in July?

This month is the warmest and driest on the island. In July, visitors to Menorca can enjoy a wide variety of activities, from sunbathing on white-sand beaches to sea-caving adventures to scuba diving in marine reserves to kayaking on the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. The Sant Jaume Festival at the end of July in Es Castell is also worth checking out.

What to Do in Menorca in August?

Due to the pleasant weather, swimming is still an option. Water temperatures are approximately 26 ℃, making this a great time to swim in the sea. In addition to these activities, you may go scuba diving, chill out in Cala Macarella or Cala Turqueta, or take a plunge down the slides at Splash Sur Menorca or the Aqua Center. The Saint Lluis Fiesta is worth attending on the last weekend of August.

What to Do in Menorca in September?

You can’t ask for a perfect month to visit Menorca than September. After summer, the island returns to life, and you can see it in all its natural, beautiful glory. This is the perfect time to go recreational fishing, enjoy Menorca’s true taste, follow the wine path from harvest to production, or take a walk around the city’s ancient streets and marketplaces to learn about and taste traditional Menorcan food.

What to Do in Menorca in October?

With the winter cold on its way, this is the month to do everything you haven’t had time for before. It is a great time to visit Menorca for a variety of reasons, including the Cranc Festival, visiting Talayotic Menorca without the crowds, shopping at the Capllonch Night Market, cycling around Ciutadella in the quiet of fall, joining the Volta Cicloturista, or going on a bike trip on your own.

What to Do in Menorca in November?

Humidity levels have dropped around this month. The cooler weather and cloudier skies of November make Menorca a great place to go for a walk. You can take a walk along the seaside, among the hills, or even among some historical sites. When hiking across the island’s natural areas, keep an eye out for the several lighthouses that dot the seaside.

What to Do in Menorca in December?

Even though most people think of Menorca as a summer getaway, there’s much to do there in the Winter, too. During this month, you may go windsurfing or surfing in Menorca, enjoy the island’s delicious winter cuisine, or take a walk through the famed Mahón street market. You can also partake in the region’s customary Christian festivals and feast on various delicious soups and grilled meats.

How Can I Get Around During My Stay in Menorca?

Getting about Menorca is easy. You can take a cab or the bus, but they’re inconvenient and expensive (particularly taxis). Independent car hire Menorca comes out as the most convenient option. However, there are numerous car hire companies in Menorca; therefore, finding a reliable one might be challenging. Price is a major consideration when selecting a car rental agency. Car hire prices in Menorca vary from company to company and depend on different times of the year.

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