What to do and what to visit on the island when night falls

Those who know Menorca affirm that it is a small paradise. Here you can have the dream vacation, beach all day, and party every night. This island seems to have it all, no for less is one of the most touristic destinations in Spain. Would you like to know what to do in Menorca at night? We tell you the best plans! If you wonder what to do in Menorca, check our post about it.

What to see and do in Menorca at night

Although the island has a transport network, if you don´t want to miss a thing, we recommend that you have a rental car to go your own way and enjoy to the fullest. Here you have the best ideas so that your trip to Menorca leaves its mark on you and those who accompany you.

Shisha Club

Whether you like shisha or want to try new things, this is your place! An exclusive establishment where there is somewhere you can choose incredible cocktails while you savor your shisha.

His dance music is also original, leaving behind the commercial and listened to, and replacing it with black music, tropical beats , funk, and many other styles that will surprise you

Kopas Club

And the night goes on, so don´t fall asleep. We headed towards Kopas Club, a three-story venue that has two terraces, four bars, and three different environments. For every taste! Surely you feel at home.

An elegant and exclusive atmosphere in which to have the best drinks and dance to the most marvelous music. And if you prefer something more relaxed, go to the terrace with your friends to have a nice chat. All in one. And do you know the best? Admission is free!


One of the most frequented places by locals, because although its name sounds like relaxing music, it is not at all, the best sessions of the most famous DJs take place in this venue.

It also has a cool terrace to rest from so much dancing or to find someplace quiet. One of the most select and incredible environments to enjoy the night in Menorca.

Cafè des Museu

Is one of the most emblematic places on the island, located in the old town of Ciutadella. If you have a rental car, it´s easy to find, and you have parking lots nearby, so its location is ideal.

One of the reasons why this place is popular with locals and tourists is for its exclusive signature cocktails, when you try them, you won´t be able to stop! The quiet terraces and ballroom are on completely opposite floors is why they create two completely different atmospheres without interference.

Cinemes Canal Salat

Because not everything has to be a party, don´t you think?. Starting the night with a movie in these traditional 80s cinemas can be s perfect plan if you accompany it with a good dinner

Sa Cova

And for dinner after the cinema, we can´t think of a better place than this to do it. a restaurant built inside a cave with a cozy and rustic atmosphere in which the best Mediterranean diet dishes are offered, as well as tapas and salads. For every taste!

And if you are visiting the island in summer, to enjoy Menorca at night, in this establishment very fun and interesting parties are held

Do you already know which one or which of these plans are perfect for you?. Well, take good note to enjoy Menorca at night, one of the best recommendations we can make is for you to have a rental car, so that, day or night, you can go your own way and fully enjoy the beauty and charm that Menorca has, a piece of paradise on earth, offers you.

The best way to enjoy your holidays is to hire a car in Menorca… Check the best car hire companies on the island.