How to choose the best rental car in Menorca for you?

When we go on trip, renting a car i, in many cases, the ideal option to move around. Depending on the chosen destination, public transport can be very expensive, reason why a car of rent economize a lot the options to move us.

How to choose the best rental in your case

In addition to savings, the independence and autonomy that a rental car offers has no comparision point with public transport. You do not have to be on schedule of to walk long distances in search on your destination or from a stop to take a bus, train or subway. Here are some tips to consider before renting a car:

Look for offers

Don´t settle fot the first thing you find, since although the demand is high, it is also true that there are a wide variety of offers when it comes to rental cars.

Spend time, an investment that will be worth it and that you will notice in savings.

Think what car do you need

First think about the size and fuel you need, to do this, answer questions such as: how much luggage should I pack? I just want it for trips of a day or longer? How many kilometers am I going to cover?

Once you have decide that, if you like the original, find out there are cars in the country that you will not find in yours. Already put…

Book online 

As with flights, the more advance the better. And sometimes, the prices on the web are much better than in destination office.

International companies

International companies such as Hertz or Sixt, launch offers and promotions and lower the price if you make your reservation well in advance.

In addition, you have the guarentee of having a practically new car an in very good condiction since they renew them regulary.

Local businesses

On the other side, there are the small companies, like Poppycars, in the area that always offer much cheaper prices. However this will be a risk to run, they are no usually present in the Internet  and then you may have to look for a better know one and pay more money.

Use the comparators

Comparators are very helful in finding rental cars. They send you prices and web offers from many companies, many that you don´t even know. Is a good way to save money.

Look at the type of deposit

Choose the option that interests you the most: give it to you full and return it the same or they give you full and you pay it to return it as you want. This is usually more expensive that the normal fuel price but also the car rental is offered cheaper. Meditate if it compensates you.

And with these tips you are ready to choose the best rental for you.