Tips for finding a rental car at the best price

You have planned your holidays and only one detail is missing to make them perfect:

Find the best car hire company in Menorca…

Since we know that you know the advantages of enjoying your holidays in a rental car, we will go directly to what matters, to the secrets to finding a rental car at the best price. Take out paper and pen that… let´s start.

Tips for finding a rental car at the best price

1. Reserve your vehicle in advance

In general, booking a rental car online is much cheaper than doing it on-site. Searching for a rental car from home also allows you to compare different offers, which usually helps you save.

To make matters worse you can do everything from the comfort of your home without waiting in long lines at the counter, which in the end also save time!

2. Compare prices

It is usual for different car rental companies to play with very different prices. What a few people know is that these prices are not static. Sometimes they launch offers that can help you get the same rental car at a better price.

Our first advice in this regard is that you use a price comparison tool and that, once you find the vehicle you want, enter the web to see it periodically. It is very likely that these days you will find an offer that is cheaper for you. Another advantage of booking rental cars online!

3. Make reservations with free cancellation

Although this depends on the car rental company’s policy, many offer the cancellation of the reservation without any commitment. That is, today you rent a car and next week you find a better offer on another website. Perfect! You cancel and you are done.

Some companies ask you for the card number to load the rent on it, but they do not collect it until they deliver the vehicle. If you have doubts about the payment and cancellation policies of the company, ask everything you need before giving the definitive  Yes.

4. Find the rental car you really need

That we are looking for a cheap rental car does not have to mean keeping a can of sardines in which we all go tight. Nothing further.

The price of rental vehicles is given by their size, model ( Sport, off-road…), and features ( baby seat, DVD…)

The functionalities you need are insurmountable, if you travel with children you will need a series of extras, size is also key if you travel with more people but in more cases the type of vehicle is indifferent. You don´t need to spend your vacation in the sports car, but the whole family feels comfortable.

5. Choose a car that does not consume a lot of fuel

Most rental companies are governed by this maxim.

They deliver the car with a full tank and the customer returns it with a full tank. Choosing a model that does not consume much will help you save fuel, which is also an expense.