The 10 best beaches in Menorca

One of the most seductive spots on the island of Menorca is its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Here is a brief summary of the 10 best beaches on the island of Menorca, read on and enjoy these holidays to the fullest:

Cala Pregonda

One of the best-valued beaches by Menorca tourists. You will reach it through a fun excursion. Just keep in mind that the Sun begins to set very early in the afternoon in Cala Pregonda. If you want to enjoy the sun´s rays to the fullest, visit it in the morning.

Cala Presili

Located next to the Favaritx Lighthouse and Cala Tortuga, its surroundings make it the perfect place for relaxed tourism.

Cala Pilar

Getting to Cala Pilar requires a fairly long excursion in which the bottle of water will be your best friend. Only the most avid hikers and boat owners enjoy this beautiful corner. When tramontana blows, it is the ideal place to fly kites.

Cala Cavalleria

It has parking 5 minutes from the beach and is located in the Cami de Cavalls ( The most famous hiking route on the island). Its easy access makes it the perfect place to visit with children.

La Vall

It has two parking lots very close to the beach so it is easy to get to it if you go with children. The less good part of this is that the influx of tourists in the high season is also higher.

Escoroxada Cove

The great unknown to the south of Menorca has very little influx of visitors because to get there you have to walk more than 1 hour. It is an ideal corner for lovers of intimacy, especially if you like hiking.

Es Talaier

A classic beach with find sand waters that reveal the bottom. That beach paradise that we all wait for when it´s hot.


The tourist boat that leaves Ciutadella and Cala en Bosch makes a 1-hour stop on this beach, so tourists are rarely seen out of the summer months. Definitely, a must-to-see if you are looking for a relaxing holiday.


This beach in Menorca has the Cova des Coloms very close and is also ideal for nudism. If you love this beautiful custom it is the perfect place for you, it is better to opt for another of the beautiful Menorcan shores.

Son Saura

The largest beach in Ciutadella ( Walking along its shore in winter is amazing) algae are very present on this island, more specifically the Posidonia. These marine plants protect the ecosystem by preventing the wind and storms from taking away the sand. A magnificent place for nature lovers.

Although these are our favorite beaches and coves, check also La Macarella and La Macarelleta, the most famous on the island of Menorquina. Our advice, without doubt, is to hire a car in Menorca to discover the beauty of each corner of the island.