Top 5 attractions to visit in Menorca

Are you thinking of traveling to Menorca? Then you will be interested in knowing the best attractions you will find in Menorca. Do you want to know what places we recommend away from the beach? Well, keep reading below. We will tell you about the most outstanding attractions on the island of Menorca!

To enjoy your experience in Menorca and all its excursions, even more, we recommend to hire a car in Menorca that will allow you to move more freely and faster around the entire island.

1. View Monte Toro in Menorca

One of the visits that you cannot miss in Menorca is Monte Toro. At the top of this mountain is the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Toro, a hermitage that you will inevitably stop to admire. It dates back to the 17th century and it is a true gem!

The best thing is that you can access it without any problem with your car, something we recommend since you will be climbing to the highest point in all of Menorca. Having a rental car in these cases is one of the best options.

What awaits you once you get to the top? Spectacular views of the entire island. You will be able to admire the vegetation in all its extension and the outline of Menorca. If you stay to watch the sunset, we assure you that you will fall in love.

2. Lloc de Menorca, ideal for the little ones

Lloc de Menorca is a zoological center, a place where native species are protected and live in a natural environment. It is an ideal place to get to know them while a guide explains the origin, characteristics, and curiosities of each species.

It’s one of the best attractions to do with the little ones.

3. Go by boat to Cala Pregonda

Cala Pregonda is a place that you can access by boat. It is one of the best beaches in the north of Menorca and attracts many people, although it is not usually crowded due to the type of access.

Although the entire cove is incredible, the sand will be what catches your attention the most. It has an orange color and its water is completely transparent. In fact, you will be able to see fish and everything under the sea without any problem. We assure you that you will not want to leave this cove, it is magical!

4. Delve into the Cova des Coloms

You cannot miss this adventure if you love caves and delving into them. Of course, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes, as it will take you 1 hour to arrive after touring the Barranco de Binigaus.

When you enter the cave you will be in for a real surprise. From the outside it looks smaller than it is, so don’t be in a rush to walk through it. We recommend that you bring a flashlight or, at least, a mobile phone with a battery.

5. Cala Blanca

Cala Blanca is one of the most popular beaches in Menorca. Although it does not rival in beauty the most secluded and quiet beaches on the island, it is undoubtedly the most fun beach in all of Menorca. There are plenty of restaurants, stores, and nightclubs around Cala Blanca to organize the most enjoyable week of your life. If you want to know what to do in Cala Blanca, check our post about it.

Did you know these natural attractions of Menorca? Do not hesitate to choose some of them to enjoy on your trip. The island of Menorca is an incredible place. You will never want to leave!