How to find a cheap car rental in Menorca?

Have you ever wondered Why car hire is so expensive in Menorca? There are many reasons, but also there are many ways to find cheap car rentals in Menorca? Renting a car is always the best option when you are on vacation. We are experts on this matter, so pay attention to our tips and enjoy the best holidays of your life in Menorca.

Tips to get cheap car rental

Getting a cheap car rental is easier than it sounds. You just have to keep the following tips in mind. Car Hire in Menorca Now!

1. Reserve your car in advance

As soon as you are clear about the destination of your trip and the date on which you will take your vacation, we recommend you look for your rental car. Why? Well, because in this way you can rent at a much cheaper price.

The closer to your vacation date, the more expensive it will be to rent a car.

2. Just one driver

One of the tips for getting a cheap rental car is that only one person drives during the entire vacation. Most companies will charge you an extra for each person who will drive the vehicle.

If you want to drive several vehicles, we recommend that you look for companies in which you pay the same for one driver as for two or three.

3. Choose a small rental car

The bigger the car the more expensive it will be. The best option if you want to pay little for your car rental is to choose a small car.

If you have few people and little luggage, this is a very good option to save extra money. On the other hand, if you are a lot of people and you carry a lot of luggage, it will not be possible to opt for a small car. You will have to choose one with a larger size.

In these cases, you should follow the rest of the tips to save money on your vacation.

4. Keep an eye on car insurance and its coverage

It is important to carefully monitor the car insurance that is chosen when renting the car. Comprehensive insurance is what we recommend the most since, if you have an accident, it will cover everything. On the other hand, if you have basic insurance and you have a problem, you will have to pay a lot of extra money.

5. Full tank

Choosing a full tank is always a good option. If you choose to pick up the full tank and deliver it empty, the company may charge you more to refill the tank. If you are the one who fills it, you will have the option of choosing a cheaper gas station.

6. Adjust the pick-up and drop-off time

There are usually cheaper hours than others. Find out about the best delivery and collection time to avoid paying extra. Avoid night hours as they tend to have a more expensive price.

Also, try to always pick up the car first thing in the morning and deliver it at the end of the day. Why? Well, because if you deliver it in the morning they will have charged you all day.