What is the best car rental company in Menorca?

Menorca is one of the best places in Spain to spend a good vacation. We have beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountains, spectacular gastronomy, and local people who will help you with everything you need. For all this, we always recommend Menorca as a tourist destination for an unforgettable vacation.

Another of our recommendations when visiting Menorca is to hire a rental car. It is the best option to avoid queues and long journeys with other means of transport. Being a small island you can visit it from north to south in your rental car. Check our post on What Do I Need to Hire a Car in Menorca?

But, which is the best car rental company in Menorca?

What a good car rental company should offer

In Menorca, there are several companies that will help you with your rental vehicle. Of course, not all offer the same conditions. Here we explain what you should take into account when choosing a company.

1. Flexibility

It is important that the company you choose offers some flexibility when it comes to pickup and delivery. You do not know if your flight will be delayed, so it is essential that the company adapts to the schedules and delays of passenger flights.

A good car rental company will have staff available 24 hours a day. Why? Well, some of the flights usually arrive either very late or early.

What happens if my flight arrives at 12 p.m. and the rental company is closed? How do I get to the hotel? With a good car rental company, this will not happen to you as they will adapt to your schedules.

2. Variety of cars for rent

We do not all need the same type of vehicle. Some people prefer small cars while others need more spacious cars to carry the whole family. A good car rental company will have several options to choose from.

3. Many payment options

Most car rental companies only accept card and advance payments. This can be inconvenient for many people who do not usually use a credit card.

In these cases, we recommend a car rental company that accepts payment in cash or debit card upon arrival.

4. Various pick-up and drop-off points

Having only one drop-off or pick-up point can mess up your plans. The best option is to opt for a company that offers several options for both collection and delivery.

Poppycars, the best car rental company in Menorca

At Poppycars we offer fully personalized customer service. We distinguish ourselves from our competition by the way we adapt to our clients. We know that complications can arise that prevent us from picking up the car on time. This is why we offer 24-hour customer service. No matter what your arrival time is, we will be there for you.

Our commitment to our clients has led us to be the number one car rental company in Menorca. All our clients are completely satisfied with the service we offer them!

So if you are thinking of visiting Menorca on your next vacation, we recommend you rent a car with us. You will not regret it!