What to do in Menorca in winter?

All the people who visit Menorca once, end up coming back. Being a true paradise, it doesn’t matter what time of year you visit. Visiting Menorca is a privilege both in winter and summer, in autumn and in spring. But, what tourism can we do in winter? Taking into account that it is quite cold to take a bath or lie in the sun. Here are some options to do in Menorca during winter. You will love them!

1. Visit to Subaida in Menorca

One of the star products of Menorca is cheese. Therefore, a good option to visit during the winter is to go to the Subaida farm, where you can see the process of making Mahon cheese. In addition, you can also taste some of the most popular products that are known internationally. It is a very productive visit, so do not think about it.

2. Visit Gin Xoriguer

Another essential visit in Menorca, especially when it’s cold, is the Gin Xoriguer, the place where one of the island’s stars products is made, the Menorca gin whose main ingredient is an “ointment”. 

This time it is not a visit for all audiences, so we recommend doing this excursion without children or minors.

3. Excursion to the island of Lazareto

The lazaret is a kind of isolated fortress where the passengers of the ships that arrived from foreign ports had to pass a quarantine to be able to trade and enter Spanish waters. The reason for this was to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

The structure is overwhelming and the organization the less striking. This large building was located on an island and its interior is organized into three areas depending on the degree of disease.

All the areas were separated by thick walls and corridors to avoid contagion and they changed areas. Also in the enclosure, we will find some interesting facilities such as the chapel, the building where the captains and wealthy merchants stayed, the merchandise warehouses, and the cemetery.

It is a great option to visit with children and learn a little more about the history of Spain.

4. Diving in Menorca

Diving in Menorca is quite an experience. That is why we recommend not to stop doing it in winter. Many companies that are dedicated to diving instruction remain open during the winter, so it is a good opportunity to enjoy the sea without crowds.

Put on your drysuit and go out to enjoy. In addition, since it is low season, prices will be cheaper, so you can enjoy your visit to Menorca even more.

5. Enjoy the gastronomy and landscapes of Menorca

Menorca is one of the destinations that we always recommend, and it has a particular charm. That is why one of the simplest but at the same time most rewarding ideas is to enjoy the landscapes that the island offers.

Another option is to enjoy those same landscapes but do something special; try all the area’s typical dishes. The evening will be unbeatable.

6. Enjoying the restaurants and nightlife in Cala Blanca

During the day, Cala Blanca is a small beach, usually with a family atmosphere, where children play, and adults relax. At night, Cala Blanca is a place. Start enjoying a cocktail in one of its bars, then a good dinner, and finally move your whole body in one of its clubs. Check our post on what is there to do in Cala Blanca Menorca?